Vampire Life Clothing


What does Vampire Life mean anyways?

The term was made popular by Jim Jones, #vampirelife or #vamplife. It is referring to living the party lifestyle, staying inside or sleeping all day, while coming out at the night time in full force. The brand reflects this life style making extremely cool clothes to wear to the club or to parties, but of course not only limited to the Vampire Life hours. No matter what time of day you wear this brand the clothes are gaurenteed to stand out. The graphic tees feature unique designs that can not be compared to anything else in the market. 

Jim Jones Connection to the Brand:

Jim Jones is becoming a popular name when it comes to music and television. From Diplomats Vice President, Recording

Artist, and more recently one of the personalities in the show Love and Hip Hop, Jim Jones has become one of the popular

faces in pop culture. It doesn’t end there though. Jim Jones has released his own clothing line called Vampire Life. Using

images of celebrities turned undead and interesting fonts, Vampire Life is becoming one of the biggest names in the urban

community.  The Vampire Life, also called “Vamping” for short has been known for people who “break night.” With an

interesting title and theme, Vampire Life may take over urban fashion the same way Jim Jones has taken over the radio and

television. The Vampire Life line is filled with cool camo print, tee shirts and shorts, as well as simple logo and sexy model's

photographs on graphic tees. And if you want to keep it simple, you can go for the always stylish snap back caps.  

Lady Vamp

Lady Vamp is the womans line created by Vampire Life, for those women who are hanging by their Vampire

Life men in the wee hours of the night. Not just any girl can rock Lady Vamp's styles, the brand is directed to a

girl with sex appeal and swag that isn't afraid of the dark, if you know what I mean. Lady Vamp's line consists of

crop tops and sweaters, tighter shirts, and unique accesories that will complete your look.